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"The Glen Cove Library has demonstrated an extraordinary commitment to preserving its important local history collection. Over the years, using their own limited budget and staff time, the librarians have worked continually to rehouse and make accessible this rare and important local history collection." 
Rebe Fishman, Conservator 
New York State Conservation Consultancy

Photo of Robert R. Coles.

The History Collection of the Glen Cove Public Library contains a variety of library and archival materials:  books; periodical series; artifacts; pamphlets; maps; microfilmed documents; records and manuscripts, and microfilm of local newspapers.  Almost all of the items are related directly to Long Island history, especially the history of Glen Cove and its surrounding communities.
A descendant of one of the five original proprietors of the community that was to become Glen Cove, Robert R. Coles was an astronomer, historian, educator and major force behind the development of the collection.  Manuscripts in the collection pre-date the founding of the community in 1668; photographs date from the mid-nineteenth century to the present, and microfilmed newspapers date from the 18th Century.

The Robert R. Coles LI History Collection is open to researchers Monday afternoons,
2-5pm, no appointment necessary.  While some of the collection is open to the public during regular business hours, (the pamphlet file, microfilm of local newspapers and some books) access to most is available through appointment only, or during regular Monday hours.
For further information, please contact Antonia Petrash, or Carol Stern at 676-2130.


Guide to Local History Collections:

1) *Map Collection
Collection consists largely of maps of Glen Cove and Town of Oyster Bay. Other communities of Long Island are covered in various atlases. 

 2) *Photograph Collection
The collection includes photoprints, film negatives, glass plate negatives and postcards of people, places and events in Glen Cove and vicinity. Units of the collection include: 

Kohler Album
Old Glen Cove Photo Albums
Ladew Company Photographs
Historical Society Collection
James Santo Collection
Rose Miller Collection
Glen Cove Public Library Collection
Sutter-Pembroke Collection
Miscellaneous History Photo Collection
Finding aids are available for the collection. Copies of photos are available at a cost. 

This painting of the historic steamship 'Glen Cove' is part of the L.I. History Room collection.
3) History Pamphlet File
Organized by subject, contains clippings, documents and other materials related to Long Island history. 

 4) *Books
Approximately 1000 cataloged volumes of historical works. These books are cataloged  in the library's on-line catalog, and also in a card file in the History Room. 

 5) Local Newspapers on Microfilm

Glen Cove Gazette (1857 - 1876)
Glen Cove Echo (1875 - 1960)
Glen Cove Guardian (1978 - 1986)
Glen Cove Record, Record Advance, Record Pilot
(1923 - Present)
Gold Coast Gazette (1991 - Present)
          New York Mercury (1752 - 1768)
          New York Gazette and Weekly Mercury (1768 - 1783)
         Rivington's New York Gazette, The Royal Gazette(1773 - 1783)

6) *Documents, Manuscripts and Records
Materials in handwritten, typewritten and microfilm form relating to Long Island History. Collections and important documents include: 

Albertson Family papers (1693 - 1828)
Andros Patent (1677)
Jemima Baker Account Books (1833 - 1870)
Boy Scout Troop #3, Glen Cove Records (1938 - 1944)
Catholic Daughters of America, Court Notre Dame No. 819, Westbury, New York,
Private papers of Margaret Connally (Connally School)

Isaac Coles Day books (1862 - 1895)
Coles Family Papers (1751 - 1874)
F. Trubee Davison Papers ( 1921 - 1931)
Charles H. Eglee Diary (1831 - 1832)
Glen Cove Club Records (1903 - 1908)
Glen Cove Tri-Centennial Corporation Records  (1967 - 1968)
Joseph H. Ladew Papers (1880 - 1932)
LaFarge Family Papers (1850 - 1972)
Locust Valley Reformed Church Records (1871 - 1950)
Matinecock (Tackapausha) Indian Deed (1685)
Miscellaneous Local History Documents (1769 -1889)
Musketa Cove Proprietors' Records (1668 - 1803)
Protestant Reformed Dutch Church of Oyster Bay, Records (1734 - 1911)
Mary Rawlings Papers (1857 - 1868)
School District No. 5, Town of Oyster Bay, Records (1830, 1857)
Peter Townsend Diary (1817)
Peter L. VanSantvoord Local History Documents (1665 - 1967)
Captain George Woolsey Account Book (1693 - 1770)
7) *Periodicals
Journals Include: 
Journal of American History (1983 - )
Long Island Forum ( 1938 - )  Long Island Forum Index Online
Long Island Heritage ( 1981 - 1985)
Long Island Historical Journal ( 1988 - )
Nassau County Historical Journal (1937 - 1962)
Nassau County Historical Society journal (1962 - )
Theodore Roosevelt Association Journal ( 1986 - )
8) *Artifacts and Memorabilia
Objects relating to Glen Cove History. Items are kept in the History Room, some on display. 

 *Starred items are available during regular hours, or by appointment. Other items are available during regular library hours

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